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The Story of Freedom Aviators

Dave Mundwiler and I ( Alex Coats ) began flying together back in 2018. I would watch his Red Pitts S-1S come screaming into the pattern for the overhead break and I knew I wanted to fly with him. I was extremely fortunate that Dave took me under his wing and began to teach me how to maximize my airplane. At the time I was flying a Christen Eagle II and only had about fifty hours in the plane, working the very basics of aerobatics. 

We would fly together as often as we could, learning new maneuvers and critiquing each other from the air. After years of messing around we began to take our flying more serious. Modeling our flying off of numerous formation aerobatic teams before us, we wanted our flying to be structured and safe but also fun. Dave and I started Freedom Aviators to put a name to what we've been doing for years. Our goal is to not be exclusive but spread the passion that we share for aerobatics.

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