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Getting Started In Aerobatics

The best way to get your start in aerobatics is to join the International Aerobatic Club, IAC. They have all the resources to help you get in contact with an aerobatic flight school near you. Visit the IAC website Here

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What To Expect

   The road to aerobatic flying is difficult but not impossible. I often have people asking me how to get started, what it costs, and how long does it take. It's not always a simple answer nor can a blanket statement cover everyone but I will do my best to explain it. If you have never flown a tailwheel aircraft that will be your first hurdle. Imagine jumping in a tailwheel aircraft like jumping in your first discovery flight. To become proficient in landing a tail dragger it will most likely take you the same amount of time it originally took you to solo a traditional tricycle gear airplane. Now this is not always the case but it is a good estimate. 

   Next you will begin your maneuvers training. Aerobatic maneuvers are just that.... maneuvers. Just like learning turns about a point or chandelles, loop and rolls will be demonstrated and practiced until you feel just as confident in those as you do steep turns. Upset recovery is another big step in your aerobatic journey. The ability to fly your airplane on the edge of its capabilities will require you to be very proficient in recovering from unusual attitudes. 

   While I can go on and talk for hours, If you truly want to get started in aerobatics contact your local aerobatic flight school. If you do not know what to look for, email us at

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