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  • How do I get into Aerobatic Flying?
    The best way to start is to become a member of the IAC. The International Aerobatic Club's website can be found at You DO NOT have to have an aerobatic airplane to get started. They will help you get in contact with local aerobatic flight schools to help you start your journey.
  • Can I just go for a ride in an aerobatic airplane?
    Yes! We provide dual instruction in one of our dual place biplanes. Email us if you are interested in having an intro flight in one of our airplanes, no prior flight experience required. If you are not local to Southern California, the best way is to reach out to a local flight school and ask if they do aerobatic instruction. Email:
  • Do you make Custom Apparel?
    Yes! Email us at
  • What if I don't have the money to fly?
    Flying is not out of reach for you. Voluteering is the best way to break into the world of aviation. The IAC hosts contests and they are always looking for volunteers. These voluteers often get rewarded with rides in aerobatic airplanes as well as its the best way to start your journey and meet people.
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